Five Reasons Your Business Should Be Blogging

# Best Place to figure by the Boston Business Journal, Hub Spot allows

EVERY single person within the company to supply content for the corporate blog. With over 300 employees, you’ll see why it’s nothing for them to post 3-5 articles on most days.
When it comes right down to it, we, as humans, wish to be a part of a movement. we would like to be a part of a team. When all hands are on deck and every person is contributing to putting together the company’s content base, magic and momentum can truly happen, and every one benefit together.
And confine mind, this principle isn’t only for large companies. Whether you’re a military of 1, 5 or 500, working as a team to supply content can have a strong effect on any company or organisation.

#Blogging Sharpens Your Sword
Before I started teaching people about business and marketing, i used to be (and still partially am) a “pool guy.” That’s right, I own a corporation that builds in-ground swimming pools throughout Virginia and Maryland.

Over the last 10 years I’ve had over 1000 in-home sales appointments.

Three years ago, once I embraced the facility of content and began our company blog, I noticed many benefits. one among which was the very fact that my sales presentations became much, far better . How so?
By creating 2 to three articles every week for my blog:
• I was forced to remain up so far with every new technology within the industry.
• I became far better at explaining things during a way the buyer could clearly understand. (In other words, I learned the way to become a far better teacher.)
• I found that I appeared to have a solution for each question a customer could throw at me.
Simply put, writing a blog post is like practising for a game. The more one practices, the higher their skills, timing and overall play—which ultimately results in more victories, or during this case, sales.
#You Become the Trust Agent
When it involves blogging, the method of creating sales isn’t nearly as complicated as we sometimes make it. 

Check out it this way:
Do you remember your kindergarten teacher? (Yes, i do know that was an extended time ago, but try.)
How did he or she cause you to feel? Did you trust him/her?
Although there are many reasons why most folks love our earliest teachers, the most important reason we respect and appreciate them such a lot is because they took the time to patiently teach us things during a way we could actually understand.

That’s right; they weren’t there to impress anyone, as their only goal was helping us understand.
When a company’s blog takes on this “kindergarten content” approach, they are doing everything in their power to answer consumer questions by seeing the planet from the consumer’s point of view, not their own.
Once this happens, walls of doubt are torn down and therefore the reform the trust level between the customer and the company immediately starts to travel up.
And as i discussed above, this trust will cause more phone calls to your office, more forms filled out on your website and eventually more sales.

# Content is that the Great Qualifier
Has your company ever gotten a lead that wasn’t exactly qualified or ready for your product/service? Likelihood is that, if you’ve been in business for extended than each day, this went on many, repeatedly.
And when it involves sales, the longer a sales division spends with unqualified leads, the less time they spend with qualified ones, which is clearly a really bad thing.

There are generally two sorts of consumers:
• Price Shoppers: someone only focused on lowest price to form their buying decision

• Value Shoppers: someone trying to find a mixture of product quality, customer service and reasonable pricing to form their buying decision
Ask any sales and marketing department which client they’d rather have and they’ll tell you “value.”

I mention this because with the advancement of the web , companies can now track behaviours of their leads when it involves the content customers are viewing on their website.
For example, here are two leads my company has gotten within the last week. Which appears more prepared for a sales appointment?
100 out of 100 will say the primary one, as that specific person has shown not only are they a significant shopper, but they’re also very, very informed on the company’s teachings and merchandise doctrine. (BTW, if you’re not blogging, there’s an honest chance your company website doesn’t even have 55 pages, so let’s get busy!)
Remember, the more pages a visitor reads on your website, the closer they’re to creating a buying decision together with your company, so integrate your blog’s content into every aspect of your sales approach.
Also, if you’re not currently employing a technology that permits you to trace lead analytics, I’d strongly recommend it, because it can save your company thousands and thousands in saved time alone.

# The facility of the Blog Comment

Does your company blog leave comments and promote discussion? If not, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to find out from readers and permit them to inform you exactly what they’re curious about.

Often businesses approach blogging from a really myopic and limited point of view, and easily don’t do an honest job of seeing the planet through the eyes of the buyer.

By promoting active discussion on your company blog then truly taking note of what’s said, you’ll constantly get questions from individuals eager to determine more, much of which may then be became another blog post.

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