How to get keyword ideas and find low competition keywords?

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We work hard to create a website or YouTube channel (YouTube Channel) then write beautiful posts, create videos and publish. But it is seen that the views do not come in the posts of our website or in the videos of YouTube.

To get free visitors you need to rank a website post or YouTube video. As long as your website posts or YouTube videos are ranked in Google search engine, you will not get 100% free visitor guarantee.

Low competition keywords are used to rank a website post or YouTube video.

So I will tell you how you can easily get keyword ideas about a post and find low competition keywords.

This article may be a little bigger, but I promised you will definitely benefit if you stay with it in the end.

What is Keyword?

In a word, keyword is a bunch of different words, with which you find your information in different search engines.

For example, if we need to know or see something, we go to Google and search by typing something. What you type in Google is called keyword.

How to Find a Keyword Idea

There are many new YouTube’s or bloggers who can’t come up with keyword ideas. So keyword idea (keyword idea) is to get an idea about some related keywords related to the post or content or YouTube video that you will do.

There are many free websites to get this keyword idea.

Such as:

   Keywords Everywhere

   Answer the Public

   Google Trends


   Keyword Shitter

   Keyword Tool

Of which I like a website. That is You can use this website to get keyboard ideas.

Then if you want, you can login with your Gmail by clicking on the login icon at the top right. There is no problem even if you do not login. However, it may give you a pop-up notification to login.

If you want to login, you can fill out this login form and click on the Sign Up For Free option. And if you do not want to see the bottom of this form, there is an option No thanks.

Here you can see there are many categories such as: – GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, AMAZON, BING etc. etc. So if you want to do keyword researches for YouTube then just click on YouTube option.

And if you want to do keyword research for the website, then click on the GOOGLE option. Then at the bottom you can see there is a box and it says Your Seed Keyword

Now suppose I write a post related to Motivation or makes a video for YouTube. So our target keyword here is Motivation.

Now we will take some more keyword ideas related to this motivation. So for that you just write Motivation in the search box. Then on the right side you can see United States (en) is written. You will click here.

By clicking here, you have to enter a country of your target, that is, the country from which visitors come to your YouTube channel or website. So I gave it here with India.

Then click on SEARCH option. So after clicking on the search option, you will see a lot of keywords related to Civil Engineering.

Now you can choose a few keywords from here. So there is a box on the right side of the keyword that you will like. Click on this box. Then you will see that the keywords are being stored in the right cell .

Now if you want to post in English or YouTube video, then type Civil Engineering English in the search box above.

Then if you want to select another country, you can give the country of your choice by clicking on this country select option. If you want to say your website or YouTube visitors from all the countries that come here one by one.

Then click on the search option. Then you will see that Civil Engineering related keywords will come just like before. Similarly, you will tick the keywords of your choice.

Then copy the keywords you like to the right and save them to a Notepad or MS Word.

So what if you got Keyword Ideas.

We have been thinking about the keywords for so long now we have to research these keywords.

What happens when you do keyword research?

One thing you may know is that thousands of related posts or videos have been online for a long time.

Now the question is why do search engines show your writings or videos first when there are so many posts or videos ???

And the posts on our website or the videos on YouTube will not get more free visitors if they are not first in the search engine or in the TOP 10.

In order to get our posts or YouTube videos first in search engines, it took us so long to get the keyword idea, we have to do keyword research and find out which are the low competition keywords i.e. Keywords that other people have written fewer posts or videos about.

How To Research Low Competition Keywords?

There are many websites for researching low competition keywords.

Such as:

Google Trends

Keyword Shitter

Keywords Everywhere

Google Correlate

Google Search Console

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator


Google Keyword Planner

Of these, I use Google Keyword Planner.

In May you can do keyword research for free and easily find out which keywords are low competition keywords.

Now you need to sign in with a Gmail. So to sign in you will see at the top right there is a sign-in option. You can just click on this sign-in option with a Gmail and then click on the next option with the password. If you click on the Next option, you will see the image below.

And if you do not see it, you will see at the top Tools & Settings is an option. If you click on the Tools and Settings option, you will see a text Keyword Planner on the right.

If you click on this Keyword Planner, it will look like the image below and you will see an arrow at the bottom of the Discover new keywords box.

You will click on this arrow. Then you will see like the picture below

Now by clicking on the START WITH KEYWORDS option, the box below will be given. In this box, the first target keyword that we had was Motivation, we have to type this keyword and click on GET RESULTS. Then you will see an interface like the picture given below.

Now you will see at the top there is an option Locations. So you will click on this location option. Then you will see like the picture given below.

Now all the countries from which visitors are coming to your website or YouTube channel, add them one by one here and click on the option below. Then you will see like the picture given below.

Now look at your keywords on the right side, then you will see (“Avg. Monthly searches”) i.e. how many times a month you are searched with all these keywords.

Here you can see millions of searches. From here, all the keywords that are low competition keywords, you will copy all the keywords and use them in your YouTube or website post.

Then hopefully very soon your YouTube videos or website posts will rank and get more and more free visitors.

Now many people may be wondering how to use all these keywords in YouTube videos or website posts ???

So those who can’t use this keyword (Keyword), they must comment. In the next post I will show the uses of this keyword. Thank you so much for being with me for so long.

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