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The article discusses the fierce rivalry between the Duke and North Carolina college basketball teams, which has been ongoing for over a century. The teams have played against each other 253 times, with North Carolina leading the series with 139 wins to Duke's 114. Despite the uneven record, the rivalry is considered to be one of the best in all of sports due to the passion and intensity displayed by both teams.

The article goes on to discuss the current state of the two teams, with Duke having a more successful season so far than North Carolina. However, both teams have struggled in recent years and are not ranked as highly as they have been in the past. The article also touches on the impact that COVID-19 has had on college basketball, with limited attendance and disruptions to the season.

Throughout the article, there are quotes from players and coaches from both teams, highlighting the importance of the rivalry and the respect they have for each other. The article also delves into the history of the rivalry, discussing some of the most memorable games and moments from past matchups.

Overall, the article provides an interesting and informative look at one of the greatest rivalries in college sports. It showcases the passion and intensity that the Duke and North Carolina basketball teams bring to the court, and how that has made this rivalry one for the ages.

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