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The website Complete Music Update features a collection of "one-liners" that highlight recent news stories in the music industry. The list includes a diverse range of topics, from artist announcements to legal disputes.

One of the main stories featured in the article is the announcement of a new album by Lana Del Rey, titled "Rock Candy Sweet." The album is set to be released on June 1st and will include eleven tracks. The article also notes that Skrillex has teamed up with musician Don Toliver for a new single called "Flocky Flocky."

The list also includes updates on legal battles in the music industry, such as the ongoing dispute between Spotify and mechanical rights organization The MLC over unpaid royalties. The article notes that the two parties are in talks to resolve the issue.

In addition to these updates, the article also includes announcements about new music releases from artists such as Alexi Cory Smith, Slayyyter, and Greta Van Fleet.

Overall, the "one-liners" featured on Complete Music Update provide a quick and easy way for music fans to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news. From album releases to legal battles, the website provides a snapshot of the most important stories in the music world.

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